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Product Love | @Noisli

Noisli isn't new. I haven't seen it receive a ton of love and press. 
I honestly didn't think much about the new features when i first heard about them, but let me tell you... since really beginning to put them into practice, i have seen an increase in my work flow and productivity.
 I was listening to an author on Tim Ferriss' podcast discuss methods of writing. There were essentially two that he pointed out: some one who meticulously knows what they are trying to achieve and perfects it every time and word smiths it to death before they can leave it be and someone who brain dumps and writes to get the concept on the page and then steps away knowing that it is out of their head and written down and they can clean it up later. 
 I wish i were the former, but i think that is just my self consciousness and criticism allowing me to give reason for not outputting. Accusing my work and therefore myself of having not achieved the quality we demand of it and thus thinking it shouldn't be shared. 
 I want to exercise the proverbial muscles necessary to become the latter form of writer. I want to be prolific, for that is how my mind works. I have so many ideas that connect so many concepts and I truly believe that others either don't see them or let them pass without having commented on them. I'd love to at least get them out, so they don't become fleeting. They aren't always so beautiful, but at least they could be captured. 
 So that is what brings me back to Noisli, a website that i discovered some years back and paid for the app so as to support the idea they were promoting.
 Then they added the timer, the ability to save the combinations you came up with, and finally, the text editor. 
 The idea that you have a place to dump your writing without margins, lines, formatting or any other extraneous aspects but the text and that you can view it full screen as the color changes behind it while you listen to noise combinations designed to help you concentrate has truly been liberating. 
 I first came across the idea of boundary-less page in OneNote a few years ago and i was a little confused by the idea of being able to continuously add free-form to a page. Then i heard he founder of Evernote (also on an episode of the Tim Ferriss Show) explain it better when they released a major design update for their interface. He pointed out that we really have to start thinking in a post "paper" world. The skeuomorphic design that led us to Word Processing products that made us think about our writing in terms of 8.5" x 11" sheets of paper and how their layout would look when printed was passé when you were just putting information in a digital tool on the computer. 
 This changed my life.
 I like the power and options that are available in OneNote and EverNote for linking out to other areas, concepts, resources, and multimedia and sharing those Notes, Sheets, and Notebooks with others, but as far as clean and concise workspace for dumping words out of my head and in to the computer I have really enjoyed the one stop shop i've been getting out of Noisli.


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